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First experimental vaccines against Covid-19 are applied in Oaxaca

The first five of the thousand doses of the experimental phase 3 vaccine against Covid-19 were applied in the city of Oaxaca. Photo: Special


This Friday the first five of the thousand doses of the experimental phase 3 vaccine against Covid-19 were applied in the city of Oaxaca, of the Chinese-Canadian pharmaceutical company CanSino Biologics.

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In this way, it will be in the laboratories of the Osmo Network, where the information on the reactions of the test in the volunteers will be collected.

The general director of the Osmo Network, Víctor Bohórquez López, reported that this clinical trial, corresponds to the last experimental phase to verify the efficacy of this product.

“Phase 3 clinical phase trials are the prelude for the drug to go on the market or to be applied to the population, as long as this study shows that the drug is safe, effective and does not put the population at risk ”, Explained Víctor Bohórquez.

The response from the Oaxacan citizens was good, and As of this Friday afternoon, more than 900 people had voluntarily enlisted, to whom the vaccine will be applied following the security and confidentiality protocols.

“The first process is the informed consent, the informed consent in all clinical research studies is the document that every participant must sign, no further procedure can be done, nor take a vital sign, neither weight nor height if not signs this document, which is the informed consent, where it specifically details what procedure, what activities are going to be done throughout the study, what are the risks, what are the possible benefits, “said Bohórquez López.

Meanwhile, Norma Rivera Martínez, Red-Osmo Oaxaca infectologist, explained that the vaccine is made of adenovirus and also contains the SARS Cov2 protein, and a protein called “Spike” by which SARS Cov2 adheres to the respiratory epithelium. .

The reactions that the patient could develop could be the same as any vaccine on the market, ranging from mild and moderate such as fever and flu, to severe reactions.

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“The serious symptoms that occur in vaccines made of viruses can be symptoms at the central nervous system level such as encephalitis, Guillan Barré syndrome, myelitis, that is, all vaccines can produce these adverse effects,” said Norma Rivera.

Each volunteer, who undergoes tests to rule out that he was a carrier of the new coronavirus, is prepared a clinical record to follow-up in a period of one to two years, so any adverse reaction associated with the test will be reviewed and serviced by the laboratory at that time.

It is expected that during this weekend the thousand volunteers can be completed for the doses that were destined by the pharmaceutical company to Oaxaca.

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