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Fuel leak in clandestine intake is registered in Hidalgo

The Tepeji Hidalgo Security Secretariat announced that derived from a clandestine intake located in the Pemex pipeline, in the community of Santa María Magdalena, a gasoline leak was registered that reached at least six meters in height.

Neighbors of that place reported a strong smell of fuel for which the security forces who moved to the place were alerted, where a jet of gasoline with a height of around six meters was detected.

Elements of the National Guard, Civil Protection, as well as Pemex arrived at the site to control the intake that was registered on the 16-inch pipeline that spilled gasoline on the farmland.

The security forces agreed on the area and asked the population not to approach to avoid an incident.

This is the second fuel leak recorded this week, since on Wednesday there was an incident in the municipality of Tlaxcoapan very close to where a fuel pipeline exploded in 2019 that left more than a hundred victims.

The municipal authorities of that area indicate that the theft of hydrocarbons remains constant, despite the presence of federal forces in the area.