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If he refused to leave the White House, the Secret Service would expel him


Although it has never happened in the history of the United States, it could happen that the outgoing president will refuse to leave the presidency and the White House if he loses the election.

Several experts have said that this would generate a constitutional crisis.

According to the twentieth constitutional amendment, the outgoing president must deliver the position by noon on January 20 following the elections.

The terms of the president and vice president will end at noon on January 20, and then the terms of their successors will begin ”, he says.

The Secret Service, in charge of presidential security, this week stepped up operations to protect former Vice President Joe Biden as the election ballot counts progressed.

If President Trump loses and stays, the same Secret Service would physically remove him from the White House, upon the deadline.

The only option Trump would have to extend the term would be for one of the multiple lawsuits he warned he would file to be successful.

However, for it to be successful, you would need to present proof and evidence of the fraud you are alleging.

Now some Republicans have already begun to express their disagreement with the president’s intention to remain in power, such as Senate President Mitch McConnell, who posted on Twitter that “the winner of the November 3 elections will be inaugurated on January 20 . There will be an orderly transition as there has been every four years since 1792 ”.

Others, however, like Senator Lindsey Graham, back Trump’s accusations.