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INE challenges the Senate

With the warning that there may be constitutional controversies and challenges before the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Power (TEPJF), the General Council of the INE approved this Friday by nine votes in favor and two against (of two male advisers) the guidelines to maintain gender parity in the candidacies for the governments of the states in 2021.

With this, the parties are ordered to nominate at least seven women as candidates for the 15 governorships that will be disputed. In the case of locals, they must nominate a person of a gender different from that registered in the previous election. If it is a newly created local party, it must privilege women.

At the beginning of the extraordinary session, the counselor Carla Humphrey asked to read a document that the Senate Political Coordination Board (Jucopo) sent to the INE. In the text, the Upper House accused the INE of exceeding its powers, since it exceeds

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