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Morena readies his electoral artillery

November 07, 2020

With the approval of the National Palace, Mario Delgado Carrillo began this Wednesday to take the reins of Morena, after a farewell of praise and good wishes that his colleagues on the bench and the opposition gave him in the Chamber of Deputies.

It was an acknowledgment that made it clear that the licensed legislator will be an indispensable interlocutor for politicians from the PAN, PRI, PRD and Movimiento Ciudadano (MC), as a key figure of the party in power, where until now no one was interested in dialogue with so-called adversaries.

It was also a very revealing moment of how, in fact, the resistance of Morena’s cigars went up in smoke. Because no one publicly seconded Deputy Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, the losing candidate in the relay, in his efforts to challenge the winner.

On the contrary, Senator Citlalli Hernández, general secretary elected in the same process in which Mario Delgado was president of the party, has already reached an agreement with him: she will be in charge of the relationship with the radical National Council led by Bertha Luján, who refuses to deal with the new leader.

The truth is that in Morena they understood that the relief had the presidential blessing and that is why they square around the man chosen to articulate the electoral strategy of 2021 who, without regard, will seek to take over the 15 governorships that will be at stake.

Because that partisan renewal marks the beginning of a contest that, as Mario Delgado announced to the CEN members, will nominate the best qualified.

So the Moreno president will integrate a survey team, with the participation of the most recognized consultancies, to gradually define the profiles with the possibility of success.

As López Obrador did before in the partisan leadership, Delgado would resort to the selection, also with measurements of popularity and leadership, of the state coordinators for the defense of the Fourth Transformation – something like that could be called – who, naturally, would become in prospects for governor.

But later, like all candidates for a Morenista candidacy, they would have to submit to the test of the poll and the commitment to respect the result. That will be a priority in the strategy: no lawsuits in the Electoral Tribunal.

So, with the exception of Alfonso Durazo in Sonora, no morenista is guaranteed the candidacy. Neither does the triumph. There, for example, the opposition will seek to battle the former Secretary of Security with Ernesto Gándara, who resigned from the PRI to join a bloc.

In addition, now that the INE has determined that at least seven of the 15 party applications must be for women, Mario Delgado will have to open up the game of profile decantation more, a filter in which advice and a good sense of smell weigh heavily de López Obrador, who in Nuevo León, for example, wants to run for governor with former PRI leader Clara Luz Flores Carrales, mayor of Escobedo.

Faced with this possible new signing for Morena, they say that it was the President himself who asked Deputy Tatiana Clouthier to postpone her royal aspirations for when she brings more local drag, offering to soon add her to federal responsibilities.

So in Nuevo León the fight will get tough for a pulverized opposition between senators Víctor Fuentes (PAN) and Samuel García (MC), local deputy Luis Donaldo Colosio Riojas (MC), Adrián de la Garza (PRI), president municipal of Monterrey, and the independent Miguel Treviño, mayor of San Pedro Garza. For now, and in view of the electoral calendar, Morena will have to define next Tuesday if he will go in coalition with PT and PVEM in Guerrero and San Luis Potosí.

In the case of Guerrero, where Senator Félix Salgado points out, Mario Delgado is expected to have a good scar operation to convince the former state coordinator of federal programs, Pablo Amílcar Sandoval, brother of the Secretary of Public Function, to leave the contest. Eréndira Sandoval.

Meanwhile, in SLP the survey will measure the Morenoist senator Primo Dothé and the PVEM deputy, Ricardo Gallardo.

Nor will it be easy for Senator Cristóbal Arias in Michoacán, on whom accusations of spousal abuse weigh that, although they have already been withdrawn, will take their toll among the feminists of Morena with the scan of # 3de3VsViolencia. If so, do not rule out his benchmate, the expander Germán Martínez Cázares.

It is in these thorny situations where the Delgado leadership will resort to polls that, together with the approval and pragmatism of Palacio, will set the course for an election that President López Obrador is not willing to lose.