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Rosario Robles is credited with washing of 77.8 million pesos

A federal judge ordered the arrest of Rosario Robles and 10 other people for organized crime and laundering of 77.8 million pesos, from a Sedesol survey program, of which only 15 percent were applied.

According to information from the federal government, this arrest warrant included as evidence a written statement that Emilio Zebadúa, a former Senior Officer of Sedatu and Sedesol, delivered to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) two weeks ago.

The federal prison control judge of Almoloya de Juárez, attached to the Altiplano prison, in the State of Mexico, instructed the arrests and included the crime of organized crime, which prevents the process from being released.

According to reports, Simón Pedro de León, former coordinator of delegations, and Francisco Javier Báez, former director of Programming and Budget, both from Sedesol, were also ordered to be apprehended; as well as Gerardo Ávila, former secretary of the Rectory of the Autonomous University

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