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They demolish a symbol of corruption; Asjufi Tower

Photo: David Solís and Special


After, for more than a decade, the company Asjufi Consultores Inmobiliarios, SA de CV mocked the authority, yesterday began the demolition of the tower of its property, located in Periférico Sur 3042, in the mayor’s office of Álvaro Obregón.

With picks and shovels, 80 workers arrived at the site after the Administrative Justice Court of Mexico City dismissed the appeal filed by those responsible for the work as untimely “and given that the legal time established in the environmental damage report, it was agreed that the General Directorate of Impact Assessment and Environmental Regulation (DGEIRA) carry out the demolition, ”the local government reported in a statement.

The authorities announced that on July 4, 2019, the Ministry of the Environment (Sedema) issued a resolution through which it determined the demolition of the construction and the imposition of a fine on its owners of 61 million 441 thousand 843.33 pesos .

However, the legal representative of the developer filed a nullity judgment against the determination before the local Administrative Court of Justice, for which he provisionally obtained the suspension of the act in order to continue with the building.

However, the Environmental and Territorial Ordinance Attorney’s Office (PAOT) filed a complaint with the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Environmental Crimes and Urban Protection, for which the investigation folder CI-FEDAPUR / A / UI-3 C / D / 00427 was initiated / 03-2018; likewise, a criminal trial was initiated.

As a result of the legal strategy, the Administrative Court of Justice decided to lift the suspension granted in the nullity proceedings and revoked the order that admitted the precautionary suspension measure.

It was never demonstrated, by the promoter of the work, that he had use of land that would allow him to do this type of work, in addition to the fact that he already had negative environmental issues for this project. It did everything that no developer should do, which is precisely a whole series of irregular, illegal activities, ”said the head of DGEIRA, Andrée Lilian Guigue Pérez.

Guigue Pérez, stressed that the project developers must pay the 30 million pesos that it will cost to demolish the property, in addition to being obliged to carry out the restoration of the site.

The construction that at the time was described as “a symbol of corruption” by the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, is 18 levels above the sidewalk, with a construction area of ​​26,881,584 square meters.

This work had a progress of 75%, which means an investment of 402 million 51 thousand 855 pesos, resources that in 60 days, will be reduced to rubble.