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They locate tons of drugs near the pantheon in Sinaloa

The Secretary of Public Security of the state, Cristóbal Castañeda Camarillo, estimated that the more than three tons of crystal, cocaine, opium gum and fentanyl pills discovered behind the back of a cemetery in the community of Carrizal, in Culiacán, have a higher value to 30 million dollars.

Castañeda Camarillo pointed out that, according to information from various security channels, it is known that on the black market in the United States, a kilo of methamphetamine is priced at $ 10,000, so the insurance is a strong blow to criminal groups.

He indicated that the calculation of the value that these drugs could reach exceeds 30 million dollars, for which he celebrated the discovery of elements of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) and the State Preventive Police.

The official pointed out that it is possible that this drug, found semi-hidden in an area mounted very close to a huge building that is under custody on the presumption that synthetic drugs are processed there, was taken from its warehouses and, upon sensing the presence of federal and state forces concealed it.

The Secretary of Public Security recalled that last Tuesday, an anonymous call alerted that in a property in the Carrizal community strong odors of chemical substances were perceived. An operation was deployed and the strong smell that emanates was found. It was necessary to guard the property while waiting for a Federal Judge to issue the respective search warrant so that personnel from the delegation of the Attorney General’s Office can enter and initiate the corresponding investigations of this finding. He said that from the outside it is possible to see three vehicles parked, one of them is a recent model Mustang, whose license plates do not correspond to the unit, so it is presumed that it is a car with a theft report.

Regarding the discovery of the drugs, the official explained that during a supervision tour of the town of Carrizal, personnel from the Army and the State Preventive Police noticed that in a mounted place there were ready-made packages and boxes with semi-hidden plastic bags.

When verifying the place, it was found that the packages had a substance similar to crystal and in plastic bags opium gum, cocaine and hundreds of fentanyl pills were stored, for which they were seized.

While the search warrant is obtained, the official said that patrols continue throughout the region in search of more signs of concealment of drugs.