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This promises Biden in his first 100 days of government


All the candidates in the heat of the Presidential campaign from United States they usually talk about their goals for the first 100 days of government Y Joe biden, the virtual winner of the presidential election, has been doing it for months.

Since fight the coronavirus until return the Paris Agreement about him weather and promote a immigration reform, Biden ensures that a presidency hers would change the course of the country on multiple fronts.

We will have the enormous task of repairing the damage that he has done, “Biden said recently of his rival.

Here’s a look at possible actions for the first 100 days of an eventual Biden presidency.

Strategy against the pandemic

Biden says he would immediately launch a national strategy to “get ahead” of the virus and end the crisis caused by the pandemic.

His plan would include an order to wear face masks throughout the country and to expand free diagnostic tests for covid-19, boosting US production of medical equipment and making any future vaccine “free for everyone, whether they have health insurance or not.” .

After accusing Trump of having disparaged his own health experts, Biden said he would keep the respected immunologist Anthony Fauci on the White House coronavirus team.

He also said he wants to “remove the muzzle from our experts” and cancel the process to remove the United States from the World Health Organization (WHO), which Trump began in July.

Economic revitalization

Effectively reopening the economy will be another immediate priority, according to Biden.

The Democrat, who remembers his experience uniting lawmakers from both parties, says he will ask Congress to agree on a huge stimulus package to tackle the effects of the coronavirus and help the families who are suffering the most, as well as the battered small businesses.

In July, Biden unveiled its “Build Back Better” strategy, a $ 700 billion plan to create millions of jobs.

The financing would come from collecting higher taxes from the richest Americans and large corporations.

He has also said that he would invest large amounts in the renewable energy sector.

Back to the climate agreement

Biden has been calling for action to combat climate change in the United States, hit by a growing number of hurricanes and wildfires in recent years.

The first thing I will do is go back to the Paris Agreement, “Biden promised during his first debate against Trump, who abandoned the global pact on climate in 2017.

Because with us outside, look what is happening. Everything is falling apart, “he said.

He also said he would organize a summit of the world’s leading polluters to “persuade” them to make more ambitious commitments to reduce carbon emissions.

Biden has prepared an ambitious $ 2 trillion plan against climate change, which includes a “clean energy revolution” that seeks a zero-emission economy by 2050 at the latest.

He also promised to quickly reverse several setbacks decided by Trump on regulations on environmental standards.

Judicial reform

Biden has vowed to swiftly appoint a bipartisan commission that would have 180 days to study the judicial system – which the Democrat has said “is getting out of control” – and propose reforms.

He has said he is “not a fan” of increasing the number of members of the Supreme Court beyond the current nine justices.

But other Democrats have expressed a clear preference for that option now that Trump’s third court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, has been confirmed, consolidating a conservative six-to-three majority.

Biden, who authored numerous tough-on-crime bills as a senator, is also calling for criminal justice reform.

His plans include creating a grant program that encourages states to reduce incarceration and crime, ensuring housing for ex-offenders, and strategies to reduce recidivism.

‘Road to citizenship’

Biden has promised a substantial immigration reform package if the White House wins.

He has announced that he would immediately create a federal task force to reunite more than 500 children who were separated from their parents by the Trump administration at the border with Mexico.

Biden has described those separations as the “criminal” result of Trump’s zero-tolerance policy, which has sought to deter migrants from crossing into the United States.

It would also reverse travel bans that prevent nationals of several Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States.

But one of his most controversial steps could be the one he takes regarding the millions of undocumented people living in the United States.

In the first 100 days, I will send to the United States Congress a plan with a path to citizenship for more than 11 million undocumented people, “Biden said in his last debate with Trump on October 22.

He was also in favor of allowing those who entered illegally with their parents as children – a group of some 700,000 young people known as Dreamers – to stay legally in the country and take steps to obtain US citizenship.