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Vicentico, a lucky rogue

Photos: Courtesy Vicentico


He grew up surrounded by music by having different relatives who were dedicated to art: his father was a puppeteer and his grandfather was the poet Alfredo Bufano. By having these influences, added to the musical proposals that were emerging on the Argentine stages of the 80s and with the influence of some British bands such as Telón de Fondo, Gabriel Julio Fernández Capello, better known as Vicentico, jumped onto the stage in 1985, ago exactly 35 years, with Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, and then, in parallel with the group, launching as a soloist since 2002.

For me 35 years in terms of what we did together is like two years. Everything was very fast, it is strange and dangerous at one point, since it transforms us into eternal children. I feel the same as I felt when I was 20 or 22, I have the same need to write songs, to go out to play, to be with my friends making music and I get the same excitement when we have to be at a concert or record an album. When I am alone, I am the most unruly myself, which is sometimes very frustrating and boring, but I like it a lot, it gives me more space to seek new paths and say things in another way, much softer.

I could say that with Los Cadillacs everything is very frantic, very noisy and very animal, while when I am as a soloist I am much quieter and softer. They are two different things, but I like them both very much ”, Vicentico told Excelsior.

The 56-year-old musician, who will offer a virtual concert today from the La trastienda club in Argentina, connected with Excelsior via Zoom, from the patio of his house in Buenos Aires, to talk with a cigarette in hand about his career, how important his family is, how he has enjoyed the pandemic, because it allowed him to stop after so many tours and presentations, as well of how it looks from a distance and why you think it is still in force despite the passage of time.

I look like someone with luck. Yes it is true that it can be a virtue to know how to grasp that luck, but the truth I do admit that I was quite a rogue, as we say here, or alive, to use that luck in favor of my life. If I see myself from the outside or if I listen to myself from the outside I can say that the way I sing is very personal and I realize that as I sing it is difficult to confuse my voice with another. That doesn’t mean it’s good, it means it’s very personal. I suppose that the latter, mixed with the fact that I have some things to say and that I like to play instruments and make songs, at some point that worked for people to listen to me, “he said.

The musician behind songs like Landscape, Something with you, I think I fell in love or Die by your side He said that, regardless of how people perceive him, he perceives himself as “a man who likes to be with his children and at home”, a man who enjoys gardening or walking on the beach.

Being a family man, with whom he has been able to spend more time due to the pandemic, it is inevitable not to ask him about his son Florián, who accompanies him on stage when they play with the other members of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs.

Playing with my son is incredible for me. I can’t believe it and how beautiful it is for me is as if it defragments everything that is fragmented (sic), we are the same, he is the same as I am, I am what he is and the same we are all there. He unites me to myself and helps me to be who I always am ”, said the musician, who wore a black shirt and slightly disheveled hair at the virtual meeting.

This Saturday Vicentico will offer his Mexican fans a virtual concert in which he will review his discography as a soloist. Although he still does not know what exactly will happen, since it is difficult for him to carry out a concert without seeing his audience, he is convinced that Mexicans are very passionate. With regard to Mexico, the Argentine said that it is a country that he enjoys a lot and that he has discovered from different perspectives, whether through music, film, art, food, drink or esotericism.

Above all, what interests me is the ancestral culture, hidden magic and Mexican esotericism. Sometimes I have done a ritual and more than like it, because you cannot speak as if it were a food that you may or may not like, it impacted me, it helped me in some aspects and scared me in others and at the same time I learned things ”, Vicentico was honest. without delving into the esoteric ritual he performed.