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“We are coming out of the hole”: López Obrador

In Nayarit, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador stressed that almost two years after the start of his administration, the foundations for the transformation of Mexico have already been laid / Photo: Special


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that the Mexican economy is gradually coming out of the crisis that caused the covid-19 pandemic.

In a morning press conference, the head of the federal Executive said that one of the parameters to measure the impact is that foreign investment continues to arrive in the country and that there has been no food shortage.

Foreign investment continues to arrive, today comes a report from Inegi, on an increase in foreign investment, its report is up to August and there is an increase of 5% compared to July and it has been increasing. We are coming out of the hole we fell into, ”said the President of the Republic from the National Palace.

He reiterated that April to June were the most difficult months of the crisis and despite this, agricultural and livestock production was not reduced, in addition there was no food shortage or inflation was out of control.

Even, the President said, there is enthusiasm from investors to bring resources to Mexico.

For this reason, the president affirmed that a new package of infrastructure works is already being prepared that will be carried out with the support of private initiative.

To do this, he announced that the following week he will meet with business leaders to review a new package of works, so that the economy is given a boost.

I have a meeting next week with Carlos Salazar and other leaders of the business sector to review another package of infrastructure works, with significant amounts of resources, to continue boosting the country’s economy ”, declared López Obrador.

He insisted that the remittances received from the United States by Mexican migrants are one of the most important supports of the Mexican economy.


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador supervised the construction of the road that leads to the community of La Yesca, in Nayarit.

The works of this route are carried out with resources obtained from the auctions organized by the Institute to Give Back to the People the Stolen (Indep).

Already this year progress is being made by 12 kilometers. 60 million pesos were released, next year the complete path will be concluded with 210 million that will be exercised from the 2021 budget. In November the path will be completed, in a year we will have the happiness of coming to inaugurate this path ”, he stated.

In this context, the federal president stressed that he has no conflict with the state governor, Antonio Echevarría García.

In Nayarit, the President assured that almost two years after starting his term, the foundations for transformation are already in place.

It took us a lot of work to lift the elephant, because it was lying down, with rheumatism, crafty and we already stopped the elephant, it has already started to walk and it is already starting to run, and that’s how it will be, we are going to serve two years in government, on the 1st December, and I’m going to be able to say that the foundations for transformation were laid in Mexico and, on those foundations, continue to build progress, with justice for our country, ”he declared.


  • An increase of 5% registered foreign investment in August, compared to July, according to data reported by Inegi.
  • The months from April to June were the most complicated of the crisis, but agricultural and livestock production was not reduced and there was no food shortage, said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.


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