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When would Biden take over as president of the United States?

The projections give the victory to Joe Biden in the presidency of the United States


After the projections they will give him the win to Joe Biden in the race for presidency of the United States they wonder when would he take office as president?

Historically the presidents take office In a ceremony in front of the Capitol and in front of thousands of people who gather, before this the Congress has to make official the election and the appointment of the president-elect and the vice-president-elect.

In this case Joe Biden would take over as president of United States on January 21.

What day does the winner assume the presidency?

This electoral process was one of the more complex and long in American history and both candidates were highly voted.

Taking into account that Trump looms To lose the process and already prepare legal resources to prevent its defeat, we can expect several challenges and vote counts.

If all goes in a timely manner Biden could assume the position on January 21, 2021.

When is the vote count?

According to the laws of United States the count Voting must be carried out between November 4 and December 14, this will be very complex in the face of an electoral process where there was a large participation of voters.

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