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Why does the counting of votes take so long in the US? Read here


Three days after the polls close, United States and the world they still do not have the final election results presidential elections, although Democrat Joe Biden would be on the verge of defeating Donald Trump.

The wait has fueled tension in an already highly polarized nation, with Trump claiming without evidence thatThat the Democrats are concocting fraud.

But the delays in the count are often due to specific reasons of each state.

Competitive states take longer

California, the most populous state in the nation, with about 40 million inhabitants and ingrained progressive tradition, was quickly attributed by the media to Biden after the polls closed on Tuesday.

But these types of estimates do not equal official results and takes much longer Obtain accurate data in states where the distances between the top two candidates are especially close.

The tighter the competition, the longer it takes “to know the results, Kathy Boockvar, secretary of the vital state of Pennsylvania, told reporters.

Each state also establishes different deadlines to receive votes for mail, especially those that come of members of the army or other citizens living abroad.

North Carolina, another key state, has yet to count at least 171,000 ballots, as by law it accepts votes that arrive by mail through Nov. 12, provided they are postmarked on Election Day. A sufficient quantity to define the final result.

However, some local authorities prefer to wait for all the ballots to reach the circuits before starting the count.

Nevada, where the distance between Biden and Trump is similarly tight, will count ballots that include a Tuesday 3 postmark as long as they arrive before November 10.

Delays are also caused by called “provisional” ballots, that require confirming, for example, the voter’s identification or if the person voted where it belonged.

A deluge of correspondence votes

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, states used to a number limited votes by mail have been inundated with ballots sent by citizens who do not want to risk voting in person.

Some 65.2 million of the 160 million voters who voted this year – a record – did so by mail, according to an estimate by the US Elections Project.

In Pennsylvania, Republicans, the majority in local parliament, have rejected a proposal to start counting votes received by mail before Election Day, unlike other states that allow it.

In some placess play particular factors that further delay counting, as in Chatham County, Georgia, another hotly contested state, where a separate electoral division and registration board examine ballots.

Judicial remedies

The campaign Donald Trump whips these delays and he has called for the suspension of vote counting in states where Biden is leading, especially in Pennsylvania, where the Republican Party has appealed to the Supreme Court.

They have been protesting there for months against a resolution that allows the ballots to be counted until this Friday.

In Wisconsin, where Biden was declared winner on wednesday, the local Supreme Court ruled that only votes received on Election Day would be counted.

Most states allow rival parties to observe the scrutiny, but some claims have also delayed the process.

In Philadelphia, the main city of Pennsylvania, a Democratic strongholdSupporters of Donald Trump have protested against a rule that requires observers to stay at least 4.5 meters away from each other due to the risks of contagion from covid-19.

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