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A plane scans waterways with lasers –

An aircraft will fly over the region until December 15, projecting laser beams towards the ground.

It is a device of the Montreal Metropolitan Community. Its mission is to map the rivers of the territory.

“The plane makes a survey of the shape of the bank and the bottom of the waterways using three laser beams installed on an airplane; either a green, a blue and an infrared. These lasers do not present any danger. The beams are reflected by the surface of the ground and the bottom of watercourses and returned to the aircraft, which then measures the distance with the ground or the bottom of the water, ”explains the City of Châteauguay on its Facebook account.

“The data collected will be used during hydrological and hydraulic modeling as part of the mapping of flood-prone areas and the forecasting system currently under development at CMM. These data will be finalized in spring 2021. “