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Army, GN and Navy join in the rain

The Army, the Navy and the National Guard stepped up actions to support the affected population in the municipalities of Tabasco and Chiapas due to the torrential rains derived from cold fronts 9 and 11, which have left 19 dead and more than 81 thousand victims at the moment .

The Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) deployed more than 2,500 military personnel in various towns in Tabasco, affected by the floods, within the framework of the application of the DN-III-E Plan, in its phase of assistance to the population by the floods of the last days.

A second Disaster Support Force (FACD) arrived in Villahermosa, made up of 422 elements in 22 vehicles, as well as 440 soldiers from the VII Military Region, located in the Chiapas capital, to reinforce the work.

Likewise, two heavy transport aircraft of the Mexican Air Force (a Hercules C-130 and a Spartan C-27J) transferred to Villahermosa two water pumps with a capacity of 3 thousand 823 liters per minute, belonging to the National Water Commission ( Conagua) for flooded areas.

In addition to two pumps for water extraction with a capacity of 1,608 liters per minute, belonging to the National Civil Protection Coordination.

The Navy reported that its personnel assigned to the Dos Bocas Naval Sector evaluated the damage caused by the rising of the González River in the Aquiles Serdán ranch, in the Ejido of the same name, in support of the Paraíso municipal Civil Protection.

For its part, the National Guard maintains the deployment of its elements in municipalities such as Centro (Villahermosa), Nacajuca, Jalapa, Teapa, Cárdenas and Macuspana.