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Dino Food Restaurant, great little business; resists dying from the pandemic


March 2020, a group of 20 fifth-grade students from the Kipling Satellite Institute saw a project crystallize that they had worked on for a whole year: the opening of Dino Food Restaurant dot com, a restaurant created and managed by entrepreneurs who still they do not have a primary school certificate.

“It is very exciting, because a child at this time says: ‘I want to save for something that I love very much’, so it feels very cool to have my own company with friends and partners, it does feel like that, wow, what you can achieve “, said to Excelsior Arath R., one of Dino Food Restaurant’s little associates, just 11 years old.

“Imagine a classroom with 20 children asking them to agree on what they are going to dedicate to, 20 ideas come out plus another 20; imagine that we begin to excite them so that they begin to see how their different ideas can be spliced ​​into one ”, explained José Carlos Martínez, leader of the Leadership, Skills and Competencies Early Identification Program, who was in charge of guiding the children in the creation of the company and who they know only as JC (yei, yes, for his pronunciation in English).

“It took us a year for the children to understand the process of establishing a business, we went to a notary and he explained how it is constituted, he gave us a didactic charter, it does not have any official or legal validity; the IMPI told us why a brand, a logo and all arts have to be registered; Inai explained to us why we must be respectful of data and identity, etcetera; This whole process was the longest, ”explained JC, while Arath remembers how the idea of ​​Dino Food Restaurant was landed.

“(In the brainstorming) some classmates wanted to design clothes, others food; Mickey, a partner at Dino Food, wanted to start a dinosaur toy store and others, including me, a drone company and someone else wanted a video game company. “

The result: a menu with three main dishes: Dino-lettuce tacos, Tyrano-sushi and Bronto-yakimeshi; three Velocirraptor Elixirs, that is, three options of dinosaurs natural juices; and three dessert options or TeroDULCEdactilos, with deliveries within the school; in addition to having a video game area to participate in tournaments.

The children opened with the illusion of seeing their business grow and, as was clear at the beginning, the restaurant was inaugurated in March. On the 20th of that month, all schools were the first to stop activities due to the coronavirus pandemic. Dino Food Restaurant was about to be left alone in a dream.

Womm, digitizing small businesses

While children were learning everything they need to do a business, in July 2019 Womm appeared, a platform created by Mexicans to help small businesses manage their customers’ orders and facilitate shipments from the WhatsApp messaging application.

“Let’s imagine that you have a food business, it can be clothing or whatever, you enter Womm punto mx and you register, you also register your product catalog, that is, this is going to become your store online. When you finish doing it, you have the link to your store, the idea is that we begin to digitize the businesses ”, expressed Alfredo Herrera, founding partner of Womm.

Another advantage that they boast over their competition is that in orders under 250 pesos they have no delivery cost and for orders that exceed that amount they charge 10 pesos.

“A contribution is paid, part of the maintenance of the platform of 10 pesos; Whether it is an order for 250, 800 or 1,000, it will always be 10 pesos and, as I said, less than that amount will be free, it has no cost, this is so that you do not have to sacrifice your profits as in other applications or platforms, ”Herrera reiterated.

Since they began in July of last year and until February 2020, they had affiliated 500 businesses, but with the pandemic and the demand for home services, their affiliations have grown to have registered four thousand businesses in Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara and starting in Querétaro.

“Right now we are looking to grow at 7% per month in a sustained way and we are already opening operations in Colombia, El Salvador and Panama,” he told Excelsior Fernando Ruiz, Product Manager at Womm.

The platform not only serves the owners of small businesses as a virtual waiter, that is, as the person in charge of taking orders, but it also solves the issue of delivery, putting at their disposal three thousand distributors in the network of the platform.

“We resolve the issue of the transaction for you, that is, that you can sell for the first time and keep your customers’ data, which is the most important asset you have. What happens if tomorrow they put the red light again and the businesses cannot open? Well, you send a promotion to your clients ”, suggested Fernando Ruiz.

Dino Food Restaurant and Womm, the alliance

Looking for how to continue with their restaurant, the children of the Kipling Institute and partners of Dino Food Restaurant found an interview conducted by the newspaper Excelsior to Fernando, one of the creators of Womm Delivery. (Note from the Money section of September 19, 2020).

“The children began to realize that technology is the only asset that will allow them to overcome the obstacle. Seeing the note in Excelsior They decide to make contact with the developers to take advantage of this platform and be able to venture into e-commerce in a market completely limited to the mothers and fathers of the school, that is how they turned the pandemic around ”, said JC.

Four students from their homes prepare the food and these are delivered by the delivery men provided by Womm.

Dino Food’s plans continue to grow. Before the pandemic, Arath was in tests to make deliveries with drones inside the institute, a project that he plans to resume as soon as they return to face-to-face classes.

This is how the main objective of the restaurant continues: to deliver a menu rich in vegetables, without processed flours, without refined sugars, to increase the intake of vegetables in children.

And at the same time that the students learn with a real exercise what it is to create a company, they will not become millionaires with Dino Food Restaurant, but they will know what it means to gain a weight. In the end, since they are not going to pay taxes, with the proceeds they will buy a wheelchair or something that they can donate to a charity and thus complete the circle

“Don’t be afraid,” Arath tells children who are anxious about starting a business.

“It is a wonderful experience to meet professional people who can help. When I started I was like ‘what do we do’; and partner JC arrived and explained to us what to do and how to do it to have a large company like many that are famous ”, concluded the young student and businessman.