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Governor thinks that Sinaloa should stay on yellow traffic light

In the opinion of Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, Sinaloa should remain in yellow in the Epidemiological Traffic Light, since a daily record of less than one hundred new infections of COVID-19 is maintained, thirteen of the 18 municipalities are in green color and hospital occupation 33.5 percent.

He pointed out that the change to orange that the federal health authorities determined does not correspond to the evaluations that are available, so he has already made the observations so that the classification for the entity is rectified.

Ordaz Coppel stated that in the last court, 91 new positive cases were incorporated, of which 61 of them were registered in the state capital, twelve in Mazatlán, ten in Ahome and the rest in four more municipalities, with which they have 470 active patients in Sinaloa.

With a historical record of 22 thousand 32 infections throughout the pandemic, of which 17 thousand 897 patients have been discharged, he indicated that the behavior of the pandemic in the state has not changed in recent weeks, so in his opinion, Sinaloa should be kept in yellow.

The municipalities with the highest number of active patients are Culiacán, with 257, Mazatlán, with 80, Ahome, 52, Guasave 51 and Navolato with thirteen, the rest are in green, with a record of zero to five cases maximum.

In the informative cut on the behavior of the pandemic, the Secretary of State Health, Efrén Encinas Torres announced that of the 17,897 patients who have recovered, 7,159 correspond to Culiacán, 3,264 to Mazatlán, two 1,540 to Guasave, 2,256 to Ahome and 640 to Salvador Alvarado, among other municipalities.

Of the 3,664 deaths that have been registered, the four municipalities with the highest number of cases are Culiacán, with 1,315, Ahome, with 689, Mazatlán, with 577 and Guasave, with 437, among the rest of the municipalities. .