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Sam Thellend’s revival – L’

There will be a before and an after Hi happiness for Sam Thellend. For the singer-songwriter from Trois-Rivières, this new song literally represents a renewal, both personal and artistic.

“This song represents a real awakening. After a moment of darkness, I made the bet to let go, to let myself be surprised by life. I am lucky to be well surrounded. I was told, “Maybe you should move on, be able to see life differently and see happiness in other people’s lives. I was disconnected from myself and those around me, ”he confides.

“There is one sentence that stuck in my mind: Like you told me. I wanted to exorcise all that in song ”, adds Sam Thellend.

Hi happiness has taken many forms. At first, she took on a darker look a la Joe Cocker. Three or four versions later, in the creation process with the song’s director, Alex Météore, the song turned out to be brighter.

“I want to talk about forgiveness, self-acceptance, to go forward… Musically, I also wanted to go towards something more up tempo, more rhythmic and brighter. It’s a break with what I did a little before, ”says Sam Thellend.

As with many artists, Sam’s plans were rocked by the health crisis. At the beginning, Hi happiness was to be recorded in the studio on March 24. After more than 3 months of waiting, Sam was able to record the song at the legendary Studio Dandurand, with Philippe Fleury on drums, Vincent Yelle on bass and Alex Météore on keyboards.

The singer-songwriter took advantage of the spring confinement period to come back to the region to relax with his family.

“I felt inspired because I could take the time. It gave me time to wonder what I wanted to talk about, where I am at. I understood that I would go towards a brighter music. I also understood that I wanted to take the time for my music, ”he explains.

He also created several songs during this period, so that an album project is in the works. The singer-songwriter hopes to be able to record in the studio next summer.

“I still have songs to finalize and make the musical arrangements. We are in the process of establishing lists of influences to give ourselves the right and the time to explore, to do musical research. ”

The song Hi happiness is available on online listening platforms, as well as on the Bandcamp by Sam Thellend.