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They attend to floods in Mascupana


The governor of Tabasco, Adam Augusto López, reported that due to the flooding caused by the Tulijá and Puxcatán rivers, the situation in Macuspana is being addressed.

We agreed to concentrate our efforts on Macuspana, which is currently being affected by the overflow of the Tulijá and Puxcatán rivers, ”he said through his Twitter account.

INAI opens a collection center for victims in Chiapas and Tabasco

During the meeting with the operational command, the Tabasco governor indicated, “Conagua reports that the potential for rainfall has decreased considerably.”

Therefore, he mentioned that “the forecast for the next three days is that in the highlands there will be rains no greater than 25mm and practically zero rains in the rest of the State.”

Zoé Robledo visits clinic affected by rains in Tabasco

It was specified that “the Peñitas dam at 6 in the morning was venting 1600m3 / s and their income decreases, the Macayo gate works properly, its gates had never been lowered, it was a non-functioning structure ”.