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Women protest for femicide in Cuautitlán; they stop them

Ámbar’s femicide mourned this region, where family and friends, most of them underage women, mobilized to demand justice for the murder of the 17-year-old student, in front of the Alborada subdivision, on the Cuautitlán Zumpango highway, where they were violently evicted, beaten and detained by municipal police.

“We were marching down the road, when trucks with policemen arrived, they surrounded us and threw gas bombs, they began to beat us, some were thrown to the ground, others jumped into a ditch to escape the beating and there we only heard the screams of my colleagues and neighbors who asked to be left, “said Jaquelin, 18.

The policemen took a group of women, “many of them minors to the galleys of Cuautitlán, despite the fact that they shouted not to touch them, that they only exercised their right to demonstrate and demand justice for Ámbar’s femicide” the young woman pointed out.

Cuautit authorities

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