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Civil Protection reports 27 deaths from rains in Tabasco and Chiapas

The national coordinator of Civil Protection (PC), Laura Velázquez, reported that 27 people have lost their lives in Tabasco and Chiapas due to heavy rains and flooding by cold front number 11, while in Veracruz, another of the affected states, no deaths are reported.

During the conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the official of the Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection explained that the effects in Tabasco have unfortunately caused the death of five people, 148 thousand victims, 35 thousand houses with water inside.

Before the head of the Executive, Velázquez said that of the 17 municipalities of Tabasco, 13 have an affectation, but with more damage in Centro, Macuspana and Tacotalpa.

While in Chiapas the balance has been 22 deceased people, 16 thousand affected, 32 municipalities with the presence of damage, and 19 thousand 486 homes with water.

In Veracruz there are 15 affected municipalities, 109 affected neighborhoods, 20 thousand affected people, 5 thousand houses with water penetration and two affected bridges.

Velázquez said that President López Obrador instructed her to return to Tabasco and Chiapas to continue caring for the victimsHowever, there will be 10 days without rain and sunshine, which allows us to work supporting the population that needs it so much.

“The emergency has not abated, the impact is very important and we will be there supporting the population in whatever is necessary, as President López Obrador has instructed us.”