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Mass parties are suspended due to not respecting sanitary measures in Nuevo León

During the last weekend, municipal authorities suspended four massive parties in private homes, attended by dozens of people who did not take care of the safe distance measures, to prevent COVID-19, so the owners of the homes will be creditors to fines that will be collected through the next property tax receipts.

In addition, so far 20 people have been arrested for not wearing face masks to prevent the coronavirus, mainly in the municipalities of García and Cadereyta, reported the State Secretary of Health, Manuel de la O Cavazos, who explained that the mass parties were suspended in Monterrey, Guadalupe, Apodaca and Santa Catarina.

The police suspended the gatherings because the number of 20 people was exceeded and when requesting identification, most of the attendees could not verify that their address was there.

The government of the city of Guadalupe pointed out that on Saturday, when making a patrol through the streets of the Villa Olímpica neighborhood, municipal police suspended a birthday party that was held in a house on La Villa street, where 70 young people were present, who in their most did not wear masks or respect the healthy distance.

After talking with the 41-year-old owner Javier “N”, the young people were invited to retire to their homes, due to the high risk of contagion by COVID-19. The police arrived at the home because the volume of the music exceeded 95 decibels, and they were able to observe dozens of empty beer cans lying on the ground.

The preventives notified the owner so that in the next few days he appears before a civic judge who will determine the corresponding sanction.

A week ago in the Nuevo Milenio neighborhood, a party attended by 80 people and had live music was suspended in the same municipality.

The Guadeloupe authority reported that, over the weekend, inspectors from the Ministry of Social Prevention and officials from the Ministry of Public Security and Citizen Protection, applied 34 fines for not keeping sanitary security measures.

The municipality of Guadalupe applies fines that range between 3,400 and 5,300 pesos, and can be exchanged for 36 hours of arrest.

On Saturday, Nuevo León registered 696 contagion cases, the highest number in the last three months, as well as 33 deaths. While in this Sunday’s report there were 654 infections, for a total of 87 thousand 148 patients who have contracted the disease, while there were 32 new deaths to add four thousand 845 deaths.

As of today there are 1,195 people hospitalized, of which 284 are connected to a mechanical respirator, according to the State Secretary of Health.

On the other hand, Manuel de la O Cavazos, head of the state agency, affirmed that during the next few days the federal government will be gradually sending the entity vaccines for influenza that are part of a batch of 35 million that were acquired for all the country.

During the press conference to inform about the evolution of the pandemic, Beatriz Aurora Lee, director of the State Center for Blood Transfusion, commented that there is a person who contracted COVID-19 in April, and this November she made her seventh plasma donation , which is a record.

In addition, he said, there are other people who fell ill in March, and can still donate plasma, and instead there are those who two months after contracting the virus, lack antibodies, the causes of these differences are unknown.