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Mauricio Kuri leads preferences for the governorship of Querétaro

The PAN senator, Mauricio Kuri, leads the electoral preferences towards 2021 in Querétaro. File photo: Cuartoscuro


According to the opinion poll, Mitofsky, the PAN Mauricio Kuri González would be the most viable candidate for the electoral race for governor in Querétaro.

The study that takes into account the trends and intention of voters towards next year’s elections, the PAN Mauricio Kuri González is in the first place with 70.5 percent, while the PRI Roberto Loyola is with 59.5 percent and below them the morenistas Celia Maya Cruz and Gilberto Herrera maintain 58.7 and 45.6 percent respectively.

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Regarding parties, the electoral preference is led by the National Action Party (PAN) with 24 percent followed by the National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) with 18.6 percent and behind them is the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) with 14.7 percent in electoral sympathies.

Regarding the competition within the PAN, the preference for the candidate Mauricio Kuri remains with 42.4 percent while Marcos Aguilar maintains 6.2 percent and 5.1 percent María Guadalupe Mungía.

The race in the PRI is led by Roberto Loyola with 35.2 percent, followed by Hugo Cabrera and Paul Ospital with 9.4 and 7.6 percent respectively. The preferences in Morena favor Celia Maya Cruz with 22.6 percent, while Gilberto Herrera is behind her with 10.4 percent.

Despite the intention of votes per party, in all the scenarios proposed by the study, Mauricio Kuri would win the elections regardless of who led the candidacies of the other parties that will participate in the contest.

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