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Sánchez Cordero calls to rethink justice for minors

A week after the case of two dismembered children in a neighborhood of the Historic Center of Mexico City became known, Olga Sánchez Cordero, head of the Ministry of the Interior (Segob), assured that this case is an indicator that must continue to work shoulder to shoulder with the three levels of government to guarantee the protection of the rights of children and adolescents.

When participating in the inauguration of the international forum “Challenges of Justice for Adolescents in Mexico”, Sánchez Cordero indicated that it is necessary to work to build a system that generates alternatives to achieve a successful reintegration of those young people who committed a crime.

“I want to tell you that painful cases, such as that of the adolescents murdered a few days ago in the center of Mexico City, are indicators that we have to continue working shoulder to shoulder at the three levels of government.

“Indeed, we need to work together, we need to work to build a system that generates alternatives to achieve a reintegration into society that is sensitive, but also full and successful,” he declared.

The Interior Minister called for a rethinking of the juvenile justice system, as she pointed out that it is necessary to end prejudices and stereotypes that exist around minors in conflict with the law.

“There are few things as painful for a nation as that its children and adolescents join the ranks of crime and end up having conflicts with the law due to the conditions of poverty and marginalization in which many of them live.

“For this reason, a rethinking of said justice system is necessary to put an end to prejudices and stereotypes that surround young people in conflict with the law and to see sanctions more as socio-educational processes that give them tools to recover their life projects “, he pointed out.

He acknowledged that this implies deep work for all those involved “but above all the authorities and all the people who work in the adolescent justice system.”

“It also entails a transformation, this transformation has to be in the public mind to stop seeing young people who committed an offense as criminals and as deserving of sanctions that operate with a punitive and prison logic,” he added.

Sánchez Cordero stated that Segob is working to ensure that democratic governance is effective for the entire population, but pointed out that “for us, the child and youth population is a very important group, which we must not only protect, take care of, if not prioritize when generating public policies “.

“If we do not do something to prevent more and more minors from joining the ranks of organized crime, we will have failed as a society,” he said.