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Senator de Morena describes as nonsense to abandon federal fiscal pact

Morena’s senator, María Antonia Cárdenas Mariscal, called the possibility of the Jalisco government abandoning the federal fiscal pact as nonsense.


Given the manifest intentions of the governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, that the state abandon the Federal Fiscal Pact, with the endorsement of the deputies of the local Congress, the senator of Morena, María Antonia Cárdenas Mariscal, described this possibility as a “Nonsense” of the local president.

“That Jalisco abandons the Federal Fiscal Pact is a bullet in the foot and a nonsense of Governor Enrique Alfaro, who puts the future of Jalisco at risk, in addition to seeking to do so behind the backs of the citizens with the support of the Jalisco Congress, playing to create their own tax system ”.

Cárdenas Mariscal pointed out that it is a simplistic position to think that what the states receive from the Federation is only a small part of what they collect and also explained that the federal government through the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Health, the IMSS, ISSSTE, Pemex, CFE and through the entire National Public Security System, the Army with the DNIII plans, the National Guard, help not only the entity of Enrique Alfaro, but the entire country.

“If Jalisco really wanted to get out of the Fiscal Pact, the federal government could, if it had a tough and harsh stance, tell it to take charge of the entire infrastructure of Health spending, Public Hospitals, Educational Spending, it would stop give subsidies to the universities, the network of public schools called Conalep would cease to exist, millions of scholarships paid with federal resources would cease to be subsidized, the road network would be left adrift and the state government would also have to take over of the maintenance of the airports, of the network of ports, the same in case of natural disasters ”, it indicated.

The senator for Jalisco maintained that contrary to what some think, there are studies that show that Mexico City has the highest level of tax collection in the entire country, and what it receives is less than its share compared to the payments you make.