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570 businesses close in Durango to avoid covid infections


In Durango capital the Covid Brigade operation was carried out, which was supervised by Mayor Jorge Salum del Palacio and by the Secretary General of the Government of the entity, Héctor Flores.

In conjunction with the operational directions, the closure was carried out and it was delimited with perimeter fences in neighboring streets from Pinos Suárez to Bulevar Dolores del Río to the commercial areas of the Juárez ex-barracks and sports grounds, thereby avoiding the presence of thousands of people they visit him daily.

The Civic Judge, Mario Pozo, announced that 570 businesses with non-essential activities closed their doors, only 47 minutes were raised for non-compliance, in addition 38 self-service stores were reviewed, so that they comply with the established time number.

The actions are the result of a series of negotiations with the leaders of the traditional commercial settlement, Julia Ávila, Margarito Vázquez and Abraham Soto, who representing the bulk of just over 500 merchants have mostly agreed to collaborate with these efforts, said César Rosales Hernández, director of Municipal Inspection.

Likewise, for this special operation, the installation of fences in the streets surrounding this area was arranged, highlighting that the surveillance of part of the Inspection operative personnel together with police elements of Municipal Public Security, which will serve as support so that no installation of sellers and also inhibit the presence of assistant citizens.