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André Forcier’s (second) cry from the heart for Ville Jacques-Cartier –

Before his next fiction film expected in 2022, filmmaker André Forcier will take the path of documentary to dive into the history of Ville Jacques-Cartier, he revealed to the Southern Mail. A film that will be colored by his growing concerns with regard to the transformations that his part of the country is undergoing on the South Shore.

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Already, in 2011, the filmmaker had expressed his concerns about the gentrification of his neighborhood in Red hill. However, little has changed since then. This gentrification has even accelerated.

Several of the workers’ houses that appeared in his film no longer exist. The promoters, like the sparkling Éric Miljours, embodied by Roy Dupuis, have imposed themselves.

“Right next door was a very charming white and blue house. They made a monster. Architecturally, it’s a mess, ”laments the filmmaker, met at his home surrounded by trees, vegetable plants and perennials.

In the courtyard of the house opposite, sheets are drying in the wind, hanging on a clothesline despite the cold autumn weather. An air of Red hill. The pickup des Blanchards would turn the corner that we wouldn’t be surprised.

“Every time a house is demolished, it always hurts me. Beautiful little houses which have a soul, a history, which are replaced by dwellings which do not fit well into the neighborhood. “

“It’s all the poetry of the neighborhood that is going away.”

– André Forcier

These demolitions bring with it an erosion of the social fabric, he worries.

It is therefore a call to save this heritage that he launched to elected officials of Longueuil, by sending them this question to the council meeting on October 20: “When will the City have the courage to ban such massacre?”

Mr. Forcier would like the construction of family units, and even artisanal construction, to be encouraged more, in order to revive homes in need of love. “There are architects who would triumph on these kinds of projects. Right now the promoters are doing whatever they want. I do not understand that the city’s town planning has not looked into this more acutely. ”

Political charge

It is the Historical and Cultural Society of Marigot which approached André Forcier with the suggestion of devoting a film to Ville Jacques-Cartier. She gave him numerous video testimonials from citizens who lived in this working-class town, merged with Longueuil since 1969.

The history of this district of modest origins particularly appeals to him. He has lived in Coteau rouge for 13 years and grew up in Greenfield Park. André Forcier considers himself a “guy from Longueuil”.

For this documentary, which will feature touches of fiction, he joins forces with Jean-Marc E. Roy (director of Invented stories, documentary dedicated to the filmmaker). “I told him, ‘If you did it with me, I could. Alone, I cannot ”.”

The poet Jean-Marc Desgent and the architect Mario Petrone, both from the South Shore, have joined them. “The three of us received the Governor General’s Award,” André Forcier laughed at. We are tempted to believe that it promises.

Without fail, concerns about the traces left by redevelopment will be addressed. “At the start, I didn’t want there to be a political character. But it may be included. Our sensibilities converge. ”

The project is in the funding stage, when it was submitted to the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec. Filming could take place next summer.

“It won’t be a huge production,” says Forcier. We don’t do it for the cash, but for the cause. “

A house that appeared in Coteau rouge
The building that replaced it.