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Cancun mayor to file criminal complaints after repression of protesters

The mayor of Cancun, Mara Lezama, regretted and condemned through a video posted on her social networks that state police repressed and shot down a feminist protest in this city.

“Today they took unfortunate events for our city, unfortunate events for our people, a feminist demonstration was violently repressed by the state police,” he said.

He also asked that all force be used to punish the guilty and thus “there is no impunity.” He also added that he will file criminal complaints against those in uniform who “acted improperly, illegally and immorally.”

Lezama assured that the movement “to vindicate the rights of women in Mexico” has his full support. For this reason, he mentioned that he already demanded that the Prosecutor’s Office be released “immediately”, the people who were detained during the operation.

In addition, he detached himself from the fact by detailing that the municipal government of Cancun is not in charge of police elements, “these are in charge of the sole state command,” he said.

This Monday, Cancun municipal police fired shots in the air to disperse a group of protesters who were protesting outside the government palace against femicides in the entity.

Governor of Quintana Roo condemns violence

The governor of Quinta Roo, Carlos Joaquín González, through his social networks, condemned “the acts of violence” that occurred in Cancun and clarified that he gave “precise instructions of NO aggressions and NO weapons in the marches” scheduled for this day.

“I will investigate the irresponsible person who gave different instructions to these and has caused all this complicated situation for the society of Quintana Roo,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of Public Security of the state, Alberto Capella, who coordinates the Single Command, argued that as he is outside the city, due to the death of his father, he could not be in charge of the strategy to manage or contain the protests.

His absence, he said, resulted in “a lack of planning and enormous stupidity” in the decisions taken, which resulted in the arrest of eight people, some of them injured, reporters wounded by gunshots and others attacked, according to the Commission. State of Human Rights.