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Federalist Alliance rejects cuts to the 2021 Federation Expenditure Budget

The 10 opposition governors grouped in the so-called Federalist Alliance called on the deputies to weigh their commitment to citizenship in the discussion of the Expenditure Budget of the Federation 2021 and reject “the cuts imposed on states and municipalities” from the federal government.

They rejected, through a joint statement, that in their demand for resources there is a perverse ambition or excessive intention, but rather a feeling of despair and solidarity that they now share with the Legislative Power.

They emphasized that “our discussion on the PEF 2021 does not contain electoral calculations nor has it been fortuitous; it is part of a series of actions-reactions to each setback caused by unilateral policies and centralizing power and resources.”

The leaders emanating from the PAN, PRI, PRD, MC and the independent of Nuevo León cut short: “our claim about the budget is not the product of a political tantrum, and only seeks to alert about the health, safety and well-being risks of millions of Mexicans We cannot afford to risk the progress made in decades of national sweat on a budget option that is not sufficiently analyzed and consensual.

“Faced with this situation, it is essential that Mexicans, including democratically elected public servants and representatives of the people, close ranks without distinction of color or ideology,” they demanded.

They warned that it is not a plea, “it is a supreme duty rooted in our representative democracy and federalist unity. Citizens are attentive and their judgment on the positions that all the actors take on this issue will be final.” They called on public opinion to remain vigilant of legislative actions, “to avoid undue haste and unsustainable closures.”

The governors emphasized that the urgency to address the pandemic brought them together and in convergence they launched immediate actions to face the health crisis, without counting to date with extraordinary support from the Federation. “Today the victims are close to 100,000 and our fragile national economy is decimated.”

They stressed that the Federalist Alliance invites the deputies of the Congress of the Union to prioritize the welfare of their fellow citizens over ideological differences.