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They put 4K cameras to inhibit femicides and more illicit in Ecatepec

ECATEPEC, State of Mexico

In order to guarantee the safety of the population in Ecatepec and give women peace of mind as it is a municipality with a double gender alert, 1,600 security cameras with 4K technology were installed in red dots.

Mayor Fernando Vilchis Contreras presented the Jaguar Project, which is a modern Urban Video Surveillance System that includes the installation of 400 poles with 1,600 4K video cameras, connected to a fiber optic network, each point with a panic button and Wifi. which will make it the most guarded municipality in the State of Mexico.

Currently the municipality has 60 surveillance video cameras, so with the new system it will grow 2,600%, a system that constitutes a technological tool that complements the surveillance work of the municipal police, whose main objectives are to combat insecurity within the neighborhoods and protect the borders of the municipality, since the images will be observed in real time 24 hours a day from the monitoring center.

César Rodríguez, coordinator of the command center in Ecatepec explained that these cameras have greater clarity in the image and reach a distance of 100 meters, “without losing the definition, we can see plates for example of the truck that is advancing, we can focus plate that comes in motion, focuses very clearly, abounded.

The project consists of 400 new poles, each one with three fixed cameras and one mobile, all high-tech, for a total of 1,600 video cameras interconnected through fiber optics.

Fixed cameras have a 120 ° viewing angle, with night vision, and a mobile camera with 360 ° movement capability, with 30x optical zoom, as well as each pole will have a panic button and Wifi.

The mayor mentioned that last January San Cristóbal centro ranked sixth in the commission of high-impact criminal acts, with 34 registered crimes, while last September it was ranked 15, with 18 crimes, which It proves that the Urban Video Surveillance System gradually reduces the crime phenomenon in the areas it operates.

He added that a pilot test carried out last May in downtown San Cristóbal showed that the crime incidence decreased almost 50% with the installation of 20 poles with 80 surveillance video cameras, an area that last January registered 34 crimes and last September there were only 18 illicit , already with the devices in operation.

The poles with the cameras will be installed in 400 points of streets and avenues of high crime incidence and that currently lack this system.

Women from the municipality considered the measure good, after several femicides have been registered in the municipality, so Ecatepec has a double gender alert.

“They would help us a lot because if it is an attempted kidnapping, the cameras will detect the license plates and in that case a transport or a vehicle or the license plates that, if they wanted to assault us, an attempted kidnapping would still be the case,” said Erika Peterson, a resident of Jardines de Morelos .

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