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Victoria district: Habitations Trigone ensures that the project respects the rules –

While the City of Saint-Lambert has handed the Quartier Victoria file into the hands of lawyers, accusing it of numerous offenses, the developer Habitations Trigone refutes most of the allegations made by municipal authorities and residents.

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According to the City, the project violates several town planning regulations, including an insufficient number of parking spaces for visitors, for disabled people and for bicycles; landscaping never started or completed; and non-compliance with various conditions of the Site Planning and Architectural Integration Plan. Tower n ° 2, located at 60, rue Cartier and for which a building permit for the residential and long-term care center had been granted by the City, would not respect the intended use.

City and residents also point out the absence of the protective wall between the project and the railway, despite an out-of-court agreement dating from 2018, as well as a rooftop swimming pool and an underground pedestrian walkway to access the city center which have never been built.

Indicating that it has had several meetings with the developer in the past, the City deplores that the requested corrections were never made.

No notice from the City

Asked by Courrier du Sud Regarding the various breaches, the president of Habitations Trigone Patrice St-Pierre replied that he had not received any notice from the City for most of them.

“Boxes [de stationnement] correspond to the permits obtained and we have not received any notice from the City, he says. The project is in full compliance with the Plan and we have not received any notice from the City. The landscaping is 80% complete; there is only the rear part that borders the CN track [à compléter], for which an agreement has been reached. “

“We still have good relations with the City and we are in compliance with all the commitments made.”

– Patrice St-Pierre, president of Habitations Trigone

Regarding the use of the tower at 60, rue Cartier, the promoter ensures that the building is indeed used as a residential center and that the required services are offered there. “We have not received any advice on this subject,” he said.

Mr. St-Pierre also ensures that a swimming pool has indeed been built on the roof as planned and that a second on the ground is proposed.

According to residents of 740, rue Victoria, a swimming pool is indeed installed on the roof of 60, rue Cartier, but neither the residents of their building nor those of 100, rue Cartier have access to it. However, a rooftop swimming pool would have been promised by Trigone to certain buyers at 740 Victoria Street.

Concerning the underground footbridge, “it was never part of the authorized project”, indicates the promoter.

Protection wall

Ensuring that it respects the out-of-court agreement between the City, CN and its company in February 2018, in which Habitations Trigone undertook to build a security wall to separate the project from the railroad in the following 12 months, Patrice St -Pierre indicates that the file is proceeding.

“The discussions took longer to establish the conditions for the construction of the wall. They are in the process of being finalized. ”

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Concerning the fears expressed by CN, as of February 2013, regarding the margins of 9 to 10 meters of buildings in the Victoria Quarter with the railway, while it recommends one of 30 meters, including a mound of 2.5 meters and a 3-meter noise barrier, the developer indicates that it has respected the margins specified in the City’s special planning program.