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With detonations they disperse young people who demanded justice for femicide in Cancun

Bianca Alejandrina Lorenzana Alvarado was reported missing on November 7. Today, the Prosecutor’s Office started the investigation folder 6/11/2020 for the crime of femicide.


Videos circulating on social networks show the moment in which security elements of the state of Quintana Roo disperse, with detonations, protesters who arrived at the Attorney General’s Office of the entity, to demand justice for the femicide of the young Bianca Alejandrina Lorenzana Alvarado , better known as “Alexis”, who was found dead in black bags.

In recordings, it is observed the moment in which police officers carry out detonations in the air to disperse the protesters who vandalized the premises of the Prosecutor’s Office, a place where the protesters set fire to wood that was used to cover the entrance to the place.

At the moment in which the protesters managed to crack the wooden planes that guarded the place, the security elements began with the detonations, which made the protesters run away from the area.

The demonstration continues in the Benito Juárez City Hall for the femicide of Alexis #JusticiaParaAlexis #NiUnaMenos #NiUnaMas #cancunfeminicide #QuintanaRooFeminicide

published by Galu Communication on Monday, November 9, 2020

More than 500 young people march through Cancun

More than half a thousand people from Cancun, most of them young, demonstrated today in front of the Quintana Roo State Attorney General’s Office (FGEQROO) to demand justice after the discovery of the body of Bianca Alejandrina Lorenzana Alvarado, known to her family and friends as Alexis.

Dressed in black, the march began this afternoon with just over a hundred young people at the “zero kilometer” of the hotel zone, from where they walked to the FGEQROO facilities. They responded to the call made by the Feminist Network of Quintana Roo, which was echoed through social networks. Little by little the contingent was nurtured and near the premises of the Prosecutor’s Office young people were also integrated with their faces covered with handkerchiefs like balaclavas, unlike the vast majority who only wore face masks.

The protesters initially arrived in an orderly fashion shouting slogans and holding banners, but tempers flared and the protest turned violent. A group of young men armed with sticks caused destruction at the doors of the Prosecutor’s Office, while others painted the facade, knocked down a pole, traffic signs and set fire to the entrance.

Xcaret Avenue was closed to traffic to avoid accidents.

Bianca Alejandrina Lorenzana Alvarado was reported missing on November 7. Today the Prosecutor’s Office announced that it began the investigation folder 6/11/2020 for the crime of femicide after finding the remains of the young woman in two black bags at SM 252 in this city.