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Aggressors cannot sell property they have in the marriage


The Congress of Mexico City approved a reform that prohibits the aggressor of a woman, sell or transfer the goods that he has in a conjugal society or that are in the common domicile “being null and void those – sales or transfers – that are made by the aggressor”, as established in article 71 of the Law of Access of Women to a Life Free of Violence.

The reform that was proposed by the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum and ruled in the Gender Equality Commission, generated an intense debate in the virtual session of the plenary session.

The local PRD deputy, Jorge Gaviño, argued that he absolutely agrees on the protection of the integrity of women and the importance of stopping the aggressions, however, he stated that the decision that an aggressor should not dispose of the assets in marital property “should not be dictated by the Public Ministry or the judge, but it can be dictated according to certain parameters, not in all cases.”

And he stressed that the right to property is a real right, therefore “a Public Ministry will not be able to power against personal property, in contrast, it can do so through a conjugal partnership or with assets that were acquired even in cohabitation or separation of assets. “. After presenting his arguments, the legislator presented a reservation to the reform, however, it was rejected.

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