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Deputies generally approve an austere budget

The Mexican Chamber of Deputies approved, in general, an austere federal budget for 2021 with a reduction in spending of 0.3% compared to the economic package approved in 2020.

According to a bulletin issued by the Lower House, total planned spending amounts to 6.29 trillion pesos (about 309.7 billion dollars), while a budget deficit of 718.193 million pesos (about 35.360 million dollars) is expected.

“The document was endorsed by 297 votes in favor, 134 against and zero abstentions generally, “the statement highlighted.

According to the ruling, a programmable net expenditure of 4.61 trillion pesos (about 227,000 million dollars) is proposed, which represents a real increase of 1.3% compared to the one approved for 2020.

While the non-programmable expense is proposed to be 1.67 billion pesos (about 82.7 billion dollars).

“It highlights that the priorities of programmable spending are health, public safety and investment, especially in those projects that due to their characteristics are triggers for the recovery of economic conditions for the well-being of the population,” the text highlighted.

“It is a responsible budget, aware of the needs”, considered the Chamber of Deputies.

When exposing the grounds of the opinion, the president of the Budget and Public Account Commission, Congressman Erasmo González Robledo of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena), called for the budget discussion to “pay for the social and economic development” of the country.

He indicated that public spending is one of the main tools that nations have, not only to achieve the programs, projects and actions of every government but to achieve the goals and overcome the challenges.

The approval of the expenditure budget is the exclusive power of the deputies.

Upon approval generally, several articles and annexes were reserved for discussion in particular in future sessions.