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Journalists demand to clarify police actions in Cancun

About 50 Cancun journalists demonstrated today at the Monument of the Stars and the Snails, against the armed deterrence in charge of the municipal police under the figure of the Single Command, to dissuade a protest called yesterday against the femicide of the young Bianca Alejandrina “Alexis”.

The members of various media demanded the clarification of the chain of command that, by act or omission, ordered and participated in the operation that left two reporters wounded by bullets, injured and damaged equipment.

Before marching to the Municipal Palace, the reporters read a statement in which they demanded the right to security, as well as the dismissal and punishment of those responsible for having fired short and long weapons, firing shots into the air in front of a crowd protesting against murders against women.

“Exemplary punishment to the police officers who shot the citizens, in general, and to fellow reporters, so that this type of act is never allowed in Quintana Roo society.

“Providing security to citizens is not only a constitutional right, it is an obligation that the authorities must fulfill,” it was stated.

Already in the Municipal Palace, they were received and received by the mayor of Cancun, “Mara” Lezama, who was rebuked for what happened and related the abuses committed by elements of the municipal corporation, in other coverage.

With evasions about how many and who, in addition to the dismissed director of municipal Public Security, Eduardo Santamaría, are subject to investigation, the mayor reiterated her indignation, repeated that her instruction was not to repress the protests, or use force and said that she is not a public prosecutor, for which the investigations are in charge of the General Attorney of Quintana Roo.

He was also made to see that, among the journalists who were attacked and even injured, there were reporters who have been covering the source for more than 15 years, which arouses suspicions about whether the troops did not take advantage of the persecution and terror provoked, to claim some personal grudge to the detriment of the injured communicators.

The municipality replied that she personally spoke with one of those reporters and that she told him that one of the police officers, upon identifying her, intervened to help her and prevent her from being arrested or injured.

So far, there is a record of two journalists wounded by gunshots. Roberto Becerril, from the newspaper La Verdad and Cecilia Solis, from Informativo Turquesa.

In an interview, Solis narrated that she was injured in the leg last night, while covering the events. She was hospitalized and this Tuesday she was discharged and will have to remain immobilized.

“Thank God he did not touch any organs, everything was fine, only the pain and shock,” he said.

Selene Huidobro, from Sipse-TV, received a blow from a police officer, when he tried to knock down her cell phone, which finally crashed. Until last night he reported pain and inflammation in fingers, hand and arm.

Alejandra Galicia, from a national media, also tried to snatch the telephone set and even detain her, but the timely intervention of a photographer from the municipal presidency prevented it.

Fernanda Duke, from Novedades-Quintana Roo, shared her testimony in an interview, as one of the reporters who was also documenting the events, located at the foot of the Municipal Palace.

“I saw a group of policemen come out, there were not six, there were many more, cutting cartridge and firing into the air and yelling at people. So I was filming and, at the moment that people started running, someone moved my hand and the video is lost.

“The people ran and I followed them. The first thing I thought was to throw myself to the ground, but I was next to the lit fire and when I turned up, on the roof of the palace I saw a person and I was afraid that we were I took a bullet from there. Then I ran and someone trips and throws me. I get up to protect myself, “he said.

The young reporter pointed out that the protesters had left the esplanade and the police were after them. At the place where she was, she saw how the policemen collected caps to erase evidence, until one surprised her.

“Let’s see you, fuck it! He told me. I identify myself as the press and let him know, but he approached me and grabbed my accreditation and said ‘ah, well, then move out of here or you have a bullet. ”I wanted to explain that there was no way to move because they were firing bullets in that direction.

“Then he told me ‘either you move from here or they will shoot you’. Ceci Solís arrived and repeated the same thing to us,” he said, noting that this and another policeman focused their attention on some girls who were on the floor, who were beaten. “There they stayed with them attacking them and they no longer advanced towards us.”