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Miscalculation of dam discharge caused flooding in Tabasco


The flood that occurred between the last days of September and the first days of October in Tabasco, which caused damage in the municipalities of Nacajuca, Jalpa and Cunduacán, was the product of a miscalculation in the discharge of the dams by the CFE, he said. the governor, Adam Augusto López Hernández.

With David Páramo in Multicast Image, the president said that his administration maintains that the federal authorities did “misoperate” the “Peñitas” dam that came to vent 1,800 cubic meters during 24 hours, that is, a million liters of water per second, what flooded Nacajuca, Jalpa and Cunduacán, in addition to affecting the heritage of the people of Tabasco and the infrastructure of the state.

He commented that the director of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) Manuel Bartlett did accept that they made a miscalculation in a meeting he attended, and in which President Andrés Manuel López Obrador did not know how much they had disturbed, information that he said, they hid.

The governor of Tabasco pointed out that the atypical rains in the entity on October 29 affected the municipalities of Teapa, Tlacotalpa, Jalapa, Macuspana, Centro and Centla, however, the floods that generated the rains “had nothing to do with the evil management of dams ”.

Why do they owe an idea, 480 liters per square meter, this is more than in 14 hours in Tabasco, it rained practically double what it rains in Sonora throughout the year, almost triple what it rains in Baja California South in a year, but this has nothing to do with the operation of the dams, “he said.

On the statement of the head of the CFE that “makes him laugh” a demand from the government of Tabasco for the management of the dams, Adán Augusto Hernández He trusted that justice has already changed in Mexico and guardianship of the citizen or the State when damages are caused.

In 2007 when the great flood in Tabasco was less than this, we sued the Federation and at that time the Attorney General’s Office laughed at us because it considered valid a statement from Calderón that said that the flood in Tabasco was It was due to the full moon. This time there was no full moon and he trusted that the authorities will act according to the law ”, he commented.

He warned that if the CFE does not show willingness to compensate for the damages caused to the people of Tabasco due to the malfunction of the dams, his administration will seek to use the figure of Patrimonial Responsibility of the State. He recalled that a group of people from Tabasco was a pioneer in using it when “the full moon” was used to justify the 2007 floods in the state.

On how prevent more floods in Tabascor, the governor announced that together with federal authorities, they are working on a comprehensive plan to invest in bordos, in river dredging, in relief channels, in hydraulic control and that an old wish be fulfilled that the “Peñitas” dam is not to generate energy in the rainy season but rather to be a dam for flow control.