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Stab a stray dog ​​in Neza

NEZAHUALCÓYOLT, State of Mexico.

A subject stabbed a stray dog ​​to death in the Benito Juárez de Nezahualcóyotl neighborhood, because his pet fought with him.

The events took place around 1:00 in the afternoon on Macorina street at the corner of Rancho Escondido, reported Edgar Abraham Castillo of the La Camada Mitin Neza association.

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He explained that the subject went out to walk his pet, when in the street they ran into the stray dog ​​with which a fight was registered, for which the man took out a butcher knife and stabbed the dog.

The complaint has already been raised and thanks to the people who were also there and who gave their time to go and write to the neighbors who saw the facts and go to raise the complaint of facts against this person who hid in his home and not came out, “he said.

When the municipal police arrived, the aggressor took refuge in his home.

The Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Mexico initiated a complaint without a detainee, for which they are waiting for a presentation order to be issued against the alleged perpetrator.

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What the people who filed the complaint were telling me, that it is not the first time they have done it, it is already several times, I think it is the second time they have done it “

The cycle is not yet closed, the process is still going on and the process goes against this person and we will be watching what happens to this person ”.

Meanwhile, the body of the dog will remain in the shelter of La Camada Nitin at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office so that this Wednesday the forensic doctor examines the animal.

You already have the job to protect the body of the animal to make the person pay, “added Edgar Abraham.

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