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The real reason for the dismissal of Johny Depp from Fantastic Animals

Johnny Depp will receive his salary in full, ten million dollars. Photo: warner


Without a doubt, the great controversy of the moment is the forced departure of Johnny depp of the third installment of ‘Fantastic Animals’. The news coincided with the actor’s court decision with The Sun newspaper, in which the British tabloid escaped being accused of defamation after calling the artist a “abuser of women“Although the dismissal was decided as a result of that sentence, it seems that there were other underlying reasons that caused the interpreter to disassociate himself from the project.

As reported by Variety, it all started after the fAT&T connection between Warner Bros and Time Warner, something that caused a radical change within WarnerMedia. In that merger, there was a change of names in the executive area, entering Jason Kilar as the new executive director and Ann Sarnoff as the new head of study. Both had in mind that the new projects of Warner were the furthest away from any type of controversy.

And, precisely, the ‘Fantastic Animals’ saga is not without controversy. Along with Depp’s court case, Ezra Miller and JK Rowling controversies join. To Miller for a leaked video in which he allegedly attacked a fan in Iceland and to Rowling for her statements related to transgender and queer people. However, neither of them has had to face the courts, which the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor has.

Photo: Warner

As a sentence had been passed against The Sun and that it was unfavorable to Depp, Warner executives have taken the opportunity to force the artist’s departure, who, despite the dismissal, will receive his salary in full, ten million dollars, due to what is stipulated in his contract. According to Deadline, the company is already negotiating with Mads Mikkelsen to be his replacement as Gellert Grindelwald.

On the other hand, it is logical that Warner seeks to avoid controversy at all costs. Although the first installment of ‘Fantastic Beasts’ did very well at the box office – it earned more than $ 814 million – its sequel was not so well received, achieving only $ 655 million. Neither criticism with ‘The crimes of Grindelwald’ were very magnanimous, achieving a 36% support on Rotten Tomatoes compared to 74% who obtained the first part.

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