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This will be the selection of bicycle taxis for the Historic Center


The Ministry of Mobility (Semovi) relaunched the process for selecting the models of cyclotaxis that will be authorized to serve in the Historic Center of Mexico City.

After the first process called in February had to be postponed due to the suspension of government actions derived from the covid-19 pandemic, this Wednesday Semovi published new dates in the Official Gazette for interested parties to present their proposals for cyclotaxis.

Manufacturers will have until December 16 to submit documentation and their vehicle proposals.

And as of January 11, 2020, proposals with a positive opinion will be subjected to field tests.

Among the minimum requirements that the bicycle taxis must contain requested by the Semovi are to be a single vehicle or a vehicle that tows a calender.

The color must be yellow with black labels.

A maximum weight and length of 500 kilos and 3.5 meters, a maximum width and height of 1.35 and 2.10 meters. Maximum capacity of two adult passengers and a minor, plus the driver. And one maximum operating speed of 25 kilometers per hour.

Suspension of shock absorbers and springs on all wheels that absorb impacts due to irregularities in the terrain to avoid vibrations that affect users.

Hydraulic or mechanical drum brakes on all wheels and stationary or emergency brake.

Deformation-resistant body and awning made of impact-resistant and waterproof material.

Cargo or storage area with capacity for a wheelchair, rear view mirrors and adequate visibility for passengers.

Vehicles may have power assistance, but with a 25-kilometer-per-hour maximum speed governor system. In addition, the seats must be ergonomic, among other characteristics.

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