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Victims form lines of hours to receive pantries in Tabasco

Two days after the Grijalva River overflowed in Villahermosa, Tabasco, the flooding of the colonies near that body of water is increasing, without the authorities being able to contain the problem.

In the affected areas the movement is less than yesterday: those who decided to leave their home are already in the shelters installed by the state government, while the people who decided to stay in their homes pray for help with food and water to survive. .

Greta Contreras Ramos, a neighbor of the Gaviotas neighborhood in Armenia, even stood in line for more than three hours because there was a rumor that the local authorities would bring food and water.

The resources never arrived, while the desperation of the victims was growing because the efforts to control the growth of the Grijalva River have been concentrated in the center of Villahermosa, while the colonies that are on the periphery have been left alone.

Greta Contreras explained why she and her neighbors have not left the place, despite the fact that the floods in the city continue to grow:

“We went to the water and we need help, we are seeing that the water level is rising but nobody wants to go out because there are people who are looting abandoned houses,” said Greta Contreras Ramos.

Like her, dozens of people gathered in the Gaviotas neighborhood in the Armenia sector to receive support, despite the impact of the sun’s rays and the humidity generated by the floods.

On the other hand, this Tuesday morning the government of the state of Tabasco reported that humanitarian support has arrived little by little in Tabasco. Today the state received, above all, purified water, mats, pantries and cleaning kits.