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Bvlgari publishes a book on the city of Rome


Bvlgari’s deep roots in Rome have given rise to Bvlgari Rome: Travel Tales for Beauty Lovers, a unique guide to the Eternal City that intelligently connects the city’s landmarks with the timeless Bvlgari designs that have inspired them.

This unique book is made for Rome lovers and visitors whose level of sophistication far exceeds the typical city guide. Bvlgari Rome: Travel Tales for Beauty Lovers will be coveted by the reader who loves Rome and is a fan of the Bvlgari style, two things inextricably linked. For example, the design of the iconic B-zero1 ring was inspired by the Colosseum, the most iconic symbol of the city, and in the same way the clock face with octagonal geometry refers to the ceiling of the Basilica of Maxentius.

This volume takes the reader on an unprecedented historical, artistic and emotional tour of the city. In addition to being a real guide to iconic places and monuments, the narration is enriched with short stories by some of the best-known Roman authors in the world of contemporary Italian literature, inspired by the most emblematic places of the city. The book is reinforced by the contributions of characters linked to the city by birth, adoption or mere passionate attachment, including recognized names in fashion, film, sports and music such as Anna Della Russo, Lily Aldridge, Ennio Morricone, Roberto Rossellini, Boy George and Francesco Vezzoli.

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