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COVID-19: 49 new cases in Mauricie – L’

In the past 24 hours, Mauricie and Center-du-Québec have experienced an increase of 49 and 45 new cases of COVID-19, respectively, bringing the regional total to 94.

The number of people recovered stands at 121. An increase of 8 hospitalizations was observed in the last day, bringing the total to 32, including 5 in intensive care (+1). Unfortunately, 1 death in a community accommodation resource was added to the regional toll.

In Center-du-Québec, the trend has been on the rise in recent days. For the Mauricie, progress remains constant, without however being exponential. The number of outbreaks is still high with a total of 85 different outbreaks (43 in Mauricie), mainly in work and school environments.

“There are people who have symptoms and who go to work because there is a lot of pressure to get there. It is also a financial question for many people. We will go one step further with employers to allow their employees to stay at home if they have symptoms. The population is 50% workers, so it’s no wonder that there are outbreaks in the workplace. These people also often have children who go to school, hence the importance of having a comprehensive approach, ”says Dr. Marie-Josée Godi, regional director of public health.

Portrait of outbreaks at CHAUR

The outbreak that was underway at the coronary unit (4D) has officially been lifted when no new case of COVID-19 has been declared there for 14 days. The situation also remains stable at the COVID unit (4N) which nevertheless remains in an outbreak. Finally, the results of the cardiology unit (4C) evolved with the addition of a user and a member of the staff, for a total of 13 users and 9 employees who received a positive result for COVID-19. .