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Epilepsy: a line to support caregivers during a seizure – L’

It is to support caregivers of a person in crisis that Épilepsie Mauricie Center-du-Québec has set up the Epilepsy First Aid Line, an information line available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When calling the line, we hear the first aid instructions to support a person having an epileptic seizure. This message of a few minutes can save a life, says the organization. With the First Aid Line, Épilepsie Mauricie / Center-du-Québec offers a support tool not only to people with epilepsy and their loved ones, but to the entire population.

“As epilepsy seizures are unpredictable, people with epilepsy can have a seizure when they are alone in public places, promoting the Epilepsy First Aid Line can make a difference for people with epilepsy and their loved ones.”

To reach the Epilepsy First Aid Line: 819 373-3211 ext. 400

One in 100 people have epilepsy. In Mauricie and Center-du-Québec, between 5,000 and 7,000 people suffer from it.

“We know that college and university health science programs (nursing, pre-ambulatory care, respiratory therapy, occupational therapy, etc.) have a lot to cover. Epilepsy is barely overlooked during the three or four year course. Since there are a large number of people affected, it would be appropriate to spend a little more time talking about epilepsy, demystifying it, understanding it; particularly for future nurses and ambulance attendants, ”points out Épilepsie Mauricie Center-du-Québec in a press release.

This winter, the organization hopes to be able to visit companies to present them with an epilepsy awareness workshop where it will be a question not only of the actions to be taken to support a person in crisis, but also to demystify the disease, help workers to understand it and allow better inclusion of epileptics in the workplace.