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Governor of Baja California Sur recovers after catching COVID

The governor of Baja California Sur, Carlos Mendoza Davis, is recovered, as reported after being infected with COVID-19. In a brief message on his social networks, the South Californian president said that he was in confinement for 15 days with his wife, Gabriela Velázquez Dipp, who was also infected. He indicated that they followed all the sanitary measures and both were discharged, so they will resume their activities.

“After 15 days of rigorous isolation as required by the COVID-19 protocol, with full recovery and medical discharge, my wife @Gaby_de_Mendoza and I resumed normal activities today. Thanks to [email protected] for your good wishes and prayers during convalescence. God bless you, “he said. In a separate publication, the president reported that tomorrow he will send a message through his networks and local public Television and Radio channels on the occasion of his fifth government report.

In Baja California Sur, the Ministry of Health has a record of 13,105 accumulated positive cases for COVID-19, of which 11,931 have been recovered, 510 remain active, and total 664 deaths.