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Greece on alert for ‘tsunami’ of new covid cases


Covid-19 victims quadrupled in the last two weeks in Greece, one of the least affected countries in spring but now confronts to “a tsunami”, the Greek Prime Minister.

The daily death toll multiplied by four since the end of October and reached 42 deaths, while the infection figures are close to 3,000.

The next few weeks will be extremely critical, “warned the prime minister on Thursday. Kyriakos Mitsotakis during a tense debate in Parliament in Athens.

Despite the start of a partial confinement late October, the situation continued to deteriorate and the conservative executive announced the last week a lockdown general until November 30.

Since then, Greeks can only move if they have an official authorization sent by SMS.

In addition, the government announced Wednesday night a night curfew that prohibits going out, except in exceptional cases, after 9:00 p.m. A measure that will take effect on Friday.

At least 909 people have died and 63,000 have been infected with the coronavirus since the end of February in Greece, with a population of 10.9 million.

In Thessaloniki, the second city in the country, 32% of the inhabitants were diagnosed positive.

The health system is in the red, “warned the Minister of Health, Vasilis Kikilias, about the critical situation in hospitals.

Until the start of deconfinement to Begginings of mayIn Greece, only about 10 cases were diagnosed a day, the total number of deaths was 185 and the infected barely exceeded 3,000.

“Criminal negligence”

The decision to re-confine was difficult “, acknowledged Mitsotakis, aware of the weakness of the Greek economy, in crisis since 2008.

But “before the tsunami, we needed a dam“declared the prime minister, accused of having reacted too late to the second wave.

Faced with criticism from the opposition, Mitsotakis defended that “the rapid tests began in Greece earlier than in other European countries.”

There has been criminal negligence, “he reproached the former prime minister Alexis Tsipras, leader of Syriza (left), the main opposition party, which accused the government of allowing the arrival of tourists without applying sufficient controls or strengthening the health system.

Like most European countries, Greece fears the collapse of emergency and intensive care services.

The number of beds in intensive care increased “, defended Mitsotakis, who recalled that this increase also occurred in health personnel.

However, hospital workers they demonstrated in Greece on Thursday. “Let us break the silence. We need to hire permanent staff and requisition private clinics,” demanded a banner displayed in front of a hospital in Thessaloniki.

In March, Greek government decided to confine the country from the first death, to prevent the situation from getting out of control as in Italy or Spain.

After congratulating themselves on “having beaten the first wave of the pandemic”, the authorities wanted to start the economy by facilitating the “return” of tourists, and for that reason they only demanded random tests from European visitors.

Mitsotakis considers, however, that the current critical situation it is not due to the arrival of tourists during the summer.

According to him, the rapid circulation of the virus is related to the failure of young people to comply with social distancing measures.

Some harmed the health of the majority, “he said.

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