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PVEM threatens to break up against Morena’s impositions


The national leader of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM), Carlos Puente Salas, argued that his party will not accept that Morena is the one that imposes the alliance’s candidacies to the governorships, for which he warned of a possible rupture if things are done correctly. that way.

Puente Salas showed the Green Party’s willingness to support the President of Mexico to consolidate the Fourth Transformation, but made it clear that they will not accept any conditioning of the party in government.

If that criterion is imposed, our alliance will be with the citizens, nominating the best women and the best men, “the legislator positioned the position of his party on his social networks.

And it is that the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico considers that the conditioning on the part of Morena will cause the best profiles with which citizens would be empowered to be left out of the contest.

In this way, the PVEM is betting on dialogue and not on the conditions to go together in the next elections.

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