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Seeks opposition to modify the PEF 2021, Morena rejects it

The reservation proposed by the opposition coordinators to Morena and his allies, raised an additional 40.5 billion pesos to the health sector. Photo: Cuartoscuro


The Opposition Block in the Chamber of Deputies submitted a modification proposal to Expenditure Budget of the Federation 2021, for 109 thousand 200 million pesos to label resources to the care of the pandemic from the health sector, resources for state and municipal police, economic reactivation, highways and gender equality, that was rejected by the parliamentary majority of Morena.

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The PRD coordinator, Verónica Juárez Piña, presented the proposed “mother reserve” in conjunction with the PRI, PAN, Movimiento Ciudadano and the PRD, with which she said, the priority budget of the federal government would not be affected and it would be inclusive by containing the proposals made in the open parliament and other parliamentary groups.

“This reserve does not represent more debt nor does it represent taking money away from government actions, it simply represents the rational, effective and efficient use of the resources that the budget already includes,” he said.

The leader of the PRD in San Lázaro explained that the modification represents 1.7% of the total budget, and that it would mean a 15% increase in resources for the economic reactivation and attention to the health crisis.

The reservation proposed by the opposition coordinators to Morena and his allies, raised an additional 40 thousand 500 million pesos to the health sector for the purchase of vaccines, medicines, care and childhood cancer treatment and other cancers, retroviral for people with HIV and for the strengthening of health services in the states.

Also 1,500 million in programs for the field, for the food self-sufficiency and the improvement of the conditions of rural populations.

To allocate 18 thousand 500 million pesos in economic reactivation programs, of which 3.5 billion are destined directly to support and incentives for Mexican entrepreneurs and 5 billion pesos for road infrastructure.

The coordinator for the PRI, René Juárez Cisneros, assured that the modification intends for the country to be productive, sustainable, face the pandemic and allow the economy to reactivate and people have jobs.

“It is a serious, reasonable proposal, with a constructive spirit, to serve Mexico,” he added, “it does not intend to destroy what the government proposes.”

His benchmate, Congressman Fernando Galindo, stressed that the proposal boosts regional development resources through the Metropolitan Fund and the fund to serve the 10 poorest entities in the country.

The coordinator of the PAN, Juan Carlos Romero Hicks, pointed out that the federal budget is for all citizens and not only from the federal government.

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Romero Hicks spoke in defense of the states and municipalities of the country from which resources were cut by the majority of Morena.

“We believe that we have to strengthen the two thousand 457 municipalities of the country, with transparency, without corruption and, above all, attending to the most important needs: health, education, infrastructure, security,” he said.

The MC coordinator, Tonatiuh Bravo Padilla, criticized that many states and municipalities have been forgotten and “made aside from a unilateral application of the Fiscal Pact and the Federal Pact.”

The proposal that united the opposition parliamentary groups counted on the analysis of the deputies Fabiola Loya, Patricia Terrazas, Martha Tagle, Antonio Ortega and Fernando Galindo.

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