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Alessandro knew his victimizers; demand justice


Alessandro, the youngest of 14 years was found dead on wednesday Inside a suitcase in the Guerrero neighborhood, he knew his attackers, who also lived in the 20 de Noviembre neighborhood.

That’s one of the lines of investigation of the young man’s case that he coached soccer in that neighborhood and that he was taken to 108 Magnolia Street, where he was assassinated.

Another of the hypotheses that the researchers of the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City It is an attack derived from the intelligence work carried out by the victim’s grandfather in the anti-kidnapping area of ​​the Attorney General’s Office (FGR).

In less than three hours (since he disappeared) this boy was already dead; he had marks on his neck. To talk about a kidnapping, between three and 24 hours must pass, for the first contacts to be made with the victim’s relatives to ask for ransom, which suggests that it was a direct attack against the minor, “commented a source close to the investigation.

The spokesperson for the FGJCDMX confirmed that Alessandro was murdered on the Magnolia property 108, an address that was searched along with two others, one of them at number 43 of the third alley of San Juan de Dios, in the Guerrero neighborhood, and another in the Juan Pablo housing unit, in the Venustiano Carranza mayor’s office.

Meanwhile, friends and colleagues from the Tlatelolco Soccer Club, to which Alessandro belonged, blocked the circulation of Eje 3 Oriente Eduardo Molina, in front of Deportivo Eduardo Molina, in the Venustiano Carranza mayor’s office, in demand of justice for the minor.

The only thing we ask for is respect for life, imagine a child who leaves and no longer arrives at his house, how do you take that? Athletes are respected in the neighborhood; I don’t know who did this, but give our children safety, “Walter, a coach, told a police officer who came to the protest.

The club manager said the last time he saw Alessandro was after training on Tuesday.

The protest turned into a wake when they walked to the minor’s house, in the Venustiano Carranza neighborhood.

Another teenager was killed in the GAM

The body of Daniel, a 16-year-old young man, was found with traces of blows on his face in a place in the Lomas de San Juan Ixhuatepec neighborhood, in Gustavo A. Madero.

210 Officials will work in the field in two industrial estates: Guerrero-Santa María La Redonda and Centro I (Cuba-Central Axis-Libertad-Republic of Argentina)

Meanwhile, the victim’s half-brother, 21, appeared at a hospital with a gunshot wound to the neck.

Both were traveling on a scooter when a vehicle blocked their way in the same area where they found the body and began shooting at them, is the only thing Alan Joseph remembers.

Police reports detailed that yesterday, at approximately 09:00 hours, on Pavón Avenue, a human body was observed by the C2 cameras, lying on an adjoining plot.

Upon arrival, agents found that it was a minor who wore royal blue pants and a white and blue shirt.

They interviewed Alejandro S., 23, who said that in social networks a minor with these characteristics had been reported as missing, for which they contacted Daniel Ángel V. The man, 53, recognized the victim as your son.

The father also stated that in recent days his son Daniel had told him that they had received a series of threats, but he was also surprised that both boys had a new scooter, clothes and financial solvency, without having any job.


After 11 days of the discovery of two Mazahua minors linked to drug dealing, yesterday the Government of Mexico City presented the Barrio Adentro program, which seeks to provide immediate and comprehensive assistance to girls, boys and adolescents who live and converge in the Historic Center, in order to keep them away from criminal activities.

In this action, in which various capital agencies will participate, the minors will be incorporated into social programs and will receive government support, they will have education and training, as well as sports, cultural and recreational activities.

The objective is to go house to house through the neighborhoods, areas, streets and knock on doors, where we will contact or where they are concentrated, sorry, the acts of violence and criminal acts in the Historic Center of the city.

We will provide an offer of educational, sports and cultural programs and activities, and to improve the conditions of public spaces and homes, “said Arturo Medina, undersecretary of Government of the city.

-Wendy Roa