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Alonso Ancira asks Ebrard not to be extradited

The businessman Alonso Ancira, who recently surrendered to the Spanish authorities, asked the Secretary of Foreign Relations (SRE), Marcelo Ebrard, to cancel the extradition process against him.

Through a letter that he delivered a few days ago, the former president of Altos Hornos de México (AHMSA) pointed out that the arrest warrant against him, issued by a Control judge in May last year for the crime of money laundering, was unsupported by judicial resolution, for which he asked the Foreign Ministry to cancel the legal procedure.

He argued that the Eighth District Court of Amparo in Criminal Matters denied him the protection of federal justice against the arrest warrant, as well as the preparation, subscription and publication of the red card.

However, the Third Collegiate Court in Criminal Matters modified the sentence and granted it the amparo for the effect that the responsible authority would leave the claimed act unsubstantiated and, with full jurisdiction, issue a new resolution, which could be in the same meaning, but purging the vices pointed out.

The magistrates decided that the Control judge did not make a sufficient analysis to establish whether the FGR justified the need for caution, that is, whether or not the arrest warrant is the only way to bring the businessman to trial.