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Fans return after their protest at sea


The five fishing boats carrying Tunisians that left for Italy to protest against the exclusion of your club from the first football division from their country returned to the port of Chebba (center-east) after receiving “guarantee“from the authorities, said one of the organizers.

About 300 residents of the coastal town of Chebba, including youth from the club Croissant Sportif Chebbien (CSC), sanctioned by the Tunisian Soccer Federation (FTF), took to the sea on Thursday in the direction of Italy.

Under the control of the coast guard, the five ships drifted up to 15 kilometers from the coast, in Tunisian waters.

But on Thursday night, they returned to the port of Chebba “after having received assurances from the government presidency that there would be a solution” to this case, he said. Mohamed Ali Abbas, a member of the CSC support coordination, who was on the trip.

According to Abbas, the government promised decisions “in the next few days”, and the resolution of CS Chebbien’s case before the start of the Tunisia Championship Ligue 1, scheduled on November 22.

We have decided to return to port and trust the good will of the authorities“he added.

The federation excluded this club from Ligue 1 for the 2020-2021 season as its registration dossier was incomplete and it arrived late, according to the official version.

But for several months, the CSC leader, Taoufik Mkacher, is in open conflict with the president of the FTF, Wadie Jary, especially after Facebook posts criticizing the lack of transparency in the management of the federation’s funds and calling for an audit.